Our proprietary franchise system controls inflation costs, reduces  or eliminates labor shortages, copes with the new work ethic
and allows time to deal with new opportunities.
Offers Patent Protection with Excellent Trademark Product Recognition

Patents Issued and Pending

We are seeking a qualified managing partner to work with us to  build a turnkey proprietary franchising opportunity.  

Proven Products We Offer Our Portable Toilet Franchisees
Comfort Stations That Do Not Look Like Portable Toilets 
        Class A Product Websites Featuring Comfort Stations
WeddingToilets.com             http://www.WeddingToilets.com
PortableRestrooms.com     http://www.PortableRestrooms.com 
PortaJohn.com                      http://www.PortaJohn.com
AddABath.com                      http://www.AddABathroom.com
NoFlushUrinal.com              http://www.NoFlushUrinal.com
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Patents Issued and Pending
Portable Toilets and Comfort Stations Manufactured on Market Tested Portable Toilet Chassis
       Class B Product Websites Featuring  Portable Toilets
SaniJon.com                           http://www.Toilets.com
GreenJohn.com                     http://www.PortableToilets.com
Portable Sanitation            http://www.PortableSanitation.com
       Portable Toilets                     http://www.PortableToilet.Info 
HandSanitizers                      http://www.Handsanitizers.com
Disaster Relief                       http://www.DisasterRelief.com
Hand Wash Stations.            http://www.HandWashStation.com
Portable Toilet Sales             http://www.ToiletSales.com
Folding Toilet                         http://www.EmergencyToilets.com 
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Patents Issued and Pending