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Our proprietary franchise system controls inflation costs, reduces  or eliminates labor shortages, copes with the new work ethic
and allows time to deal with new opportunities.

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Franchising Concept

Patents Issued and Pending
Rubber Wheeled Dumpster Trailers and Dumpster Drop Box Units

The Waste Management Online Franchisee rents a dumpster box utilizing rubber wheeled dumpster delivery systems (see Figs. 1 - 4 below).  Rubber wheeled dumpster delivery systems can be rented with a box permanently mounted on a trailer or with a box that can be dropped off by a trailer at the rental site. 

Fig. 1  Dumpster Drop Box on a Trailer
Features multiple dumpster boxes delivered with  a single standard trailer.
Fig. 3  Dumpster Drop Box  Goose Neck Trailer
Features multiple dumpster boxes delivered by a single  goose neck trailer.
Fig. 2  Dumpster Trailer Standard Hitch
     Features single dumpster affixed to a standard trailer.
Fig. 4  Dumpster Trailer Goose Neck Trailer
Features single dumpster affixed on to  a goose neck trailer.

In the beginning would purchase the dumpsters and later purchase component parts for assembly in our plant.  In time, our manufacturing and marketing experience will enable us  to reach a knowledgable make or buy decision on each current and future product.  This may allow us to use common parts that fit on many of our products. 
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