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Both the Portable Toilet and the Waste Management Industries
Have Similar Advantages, History and Future

which Contributes to Sustainability 
Video June of 1986

Why Franchising

Porta John Management's Franchise and Manufacturing Experience

Proven Product Line Customer Satisfaction


Access To Experienced Waste Management Operators and Recyclers

Rising Economic Value of Potential Franchises' Assets - Home - Savings - Securities


Post Pandemic Independent Life Goals Accompanied with an Attitude Change


Porta John® Complete Set of Proven Proprietary Product Tooling

19,200 Sq. Ft of Manufacturing and Franchise Management Space


Internet Addresses - Trademarks - Patents - Web Pages 

 Product Sales to Franchisees Will Drive the Captive Manufacturing Plant Revenue

Changing Product and Servicing Trends in Both Industries Already Apparent

Successful Franchisees Are a Good Source of Future Corporate Management

The Dual Franchise System Will Be Attractive Acquisition or Merger Candidate in the Near Future

Industry Similarities

  • Historical Companion Business Relationship

  • Both Industries are Fragmented

  • Post Pandemic Economy Will Yield Unique Franchise Opportunities

  •  Equipment Economies of Scale

  • Common Customers

Both Industries Have Similar:

  • Name Recognition History

  • Intellectual Property Advantages

  •  Licensing Requirements

  • Insurance Coverage

  • Waste Disposal Requirements

  • Department of Transportation (DOT) Requirement

Both Industries Have Similar:

  • Marketing Method of Operating

  • Customer Product Usage Patterns for the Short and Long Term Rentals

  • Billing and Accounting Systems

  •  Method of Operations

Industry Differences

  • Waste Management Industry is Easier to Secure Funding

  • Waste Management Industry Utilizes Technology To A Greater Degree

  • Make or Buy Manufacturing Decisions Will Be Much Different

  • Portable Sanitation Industry Technology Principal Innovator is Porta John®

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