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Contact: Earl   1-800-521-6310 or


   In a time of major labor uncertainties and unpredictable material supply problems

                we can build a business with operational consistency.  With our proprietary business systems we can avoid many disturbing signs (See Below):





      To Avoid This Sign Click on the Picture 

 After 45 years in the business we sold all of the labor-intensive businesses and

  retained unencumbered ownership of proprietary labor saving business concepts

   and practices: 


        Intellectual Property:

Product Patents 


Method of Doing Business Patents Pending

Product Tooling and Machinery:

Product Market Acceptance References







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Premium Internet Addresses (Domains):®®

                                Affiliate Marketing Domains List

As of  5-15-23  we have 277 domains

with Monthly broad searches of 173,564,416 by

 category and 324,632 Monthly exact searches.

and 328.108 Monthly Google searches


                                               Franchise Businesses

Several Franchising Method of Doing Business

Patents Filed and Pending

Patents Pending








D.  Relocatable Pay Toilet Franchise


            E.  Hand Sanitation Rental Franchise



      F.  Last Mile Delivery Territory Franchise

It is difficult to find a good business in today's

economic environment.  Our businesses are tech,  ESG

and workforce savvy.


                 Don't be                      please take time to check us out.

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More information is available to you on the pages of this website -

For Additional Information 

Contact: Earl   1-800-521-6310 or



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